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North Korea Overplayed Its Hand And President Trump Is Winning The Dispute

Now when North Kora has an ICBM and a miniaturized atomic weapon Kim Jong-un instantly started threatening U.S. But President Trump had the perfect response, he issued warning “fire and fury like the world has never seen” if North Korea decides to strike. The North Korean Dictator made a promise that he will send missiles to Guam as a reply.

Breitbart’s Joel B. Pollak noted, despite that “the political elite, and the foreign policy establishment, oscillate between bitter scorn and sheer panic at (Trump’s) tactics,” Trump is winning this dispute by “(reframing) the conflict in a way that is advantageous to the U.S.”

Pollak pointed out that if one nuclear power strikes another nuclear power with atomic weapons, according to the rubric of mutually assured annihilation, the both powers will defeat each other.

“Most of the discussion about North Korea has followed the same pattern, because of the threat of ICBMs to the U.S. mainland,” he said. “After Trump threatened to annihilate North Korea, however, Kim Jong-un threatened to attack … Guam. Trump doubled down, indicating that a North Korean attack on Guam would trigger an attack against the regime.”

“That shifted the costs of a war radically in our favor and against theirs,” Pollak continued.

Anyhow, he pointed out two things that will not work well for North Korea, one is the fact that North Korean’s threats indicated that they will strike Guam with conventional weapons, possibly meaning that they do not have the capacity to strike with a nuclear weapon, meaning that they misrepresented themselves.

And seeing how North Korea shifted their aim on Guam, this means that Trump did a pretty well job in placing the country’s focus away from Japan and South Korea, which was the strategy.

So, it seems like Trump is having the advantage in the fight that Kim Jong-un started with U.S. North Korea might be proud of their miniaturized nuke, but U.S. has millions of them.

The North Korean dictator made absurd threats thinking that President Trump would give up, as former President Obama.

But unfortunately for him, Trump is here to protect America and will do everything needed in order to do it, so Kim Jong Un is feeling pretty stupid right about now.

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