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Now MICHELLE Obama Is Wading Into The 2018 Midterm Elections

Her husband, former President Barack Obama, waded into the 2018 midterm elections last week, releasing a list of endorsements in key Congressional races (though — oddly enough — he left “Democratic Socialist” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez off the list), but now Michelle Obama is making her own voice known in the race to oppose President Donald Trump.

According to Axios, the former first lady will kick off a massive voter registration drive through a “non-partisan” voter registration organization (though the campaign will, undoubtedly, be aimed at key leftist demographics).

The “When We All Vote Week of Action” is timed to coincide with the 53rd anniversary of the Voter Rights Act, and will center around a series of flagship events in Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and New York.

“With so much at stake in our country, sitting on the sidelines isn’t an option,” Michelle Obama said in an email to supporters. “We want to honor [civil rights leaders’] legacy and continue their work to ensure that every eligible American cast their vote, work that is far from finished,”

“When We All Vote” is a non-profit, founded earlier this summer, by Democrat-leaning Hollywood celebrities, star athletes, and prominent musicians, like Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Nearly every member of “When We All Vote” has a record of donating to Democratic campaign funds and supporting the Obama and Hillary Clinton for President campaigns.

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