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The Obama Administration Officially Exposed

According to Brian Thomas, there are new discoveries that Obama administration, just before the election, started a surveillance campaign, violating the reach of the NSA.

This week the NSA stated, “the admitted violations undercut one of the primary defenses that the intelligence community and Obama officials have used in recent weeks to justify their snooping into incidental NSA intercepts about Americans.”

New discoveries appeared that the Obama administration was spying on Donald Trump

This is a proof of Obama’s hypocrisy, his team was publicly accusing and criticizing Russia for allegedly using intelligence agencies to hack our election.

And now after the testimony of former Obama intel officials, it turns out that Obama was doing the very same thing he condemned publicly.

Even though there were a lot of rumors that President Trump might have been involved in the Russian hack on the DNC, clearly Obama administration was doing much worse things and this is confirmed.

Obama’s CIA chief John Brennan testified that the dossier wasn’t in any way indicator that Russia meddled in the election. Previously Obama intel czar James Clapper said, “We could not corroborate the sourcing.”

Anyhow, Brennan attached the contents to the official report for the president along with the unconfirmed accusations.

This was a guarantee that the information will leak, and so it happened.

During the election process, Brennan was definitely involved, which is something that is incompatible with his position as CIA chief.

He publicly revealed his political preferences for Hillary Clinton just a few weeks before the election.

It is worth noting that Brennan isn’t just a Democrat, in 1980 he voted for a Communist Party candidate for president.

Brennan is a hypocrite and with every attack against President Trump, he is proving that.

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