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Obama Advisor Goes ROGUE, Turns Against Him… Obliterates Barack’s Legacy!

The year 2008 is starting to seem like ancient history, as Trump’s victory reshuffles the political deck and Obama’s “legacy” quickly recedes into a puff of smoke.

It seems like just yesterday that Van Jones was a household name; appointed as Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar,” conservative pundits dragged him over the coals for his extreme views on 9/11 and other political subjects. Eventually the controversy forced him out of the White House.

Jones reemerged during the 2016 election for whatever reason, appearing on TV panels to represent the Democratic side and not always doing a very good job.

However, he’s recently spoken out about his old boss and it’s pretty amazing:

Even though Jones is a true believer in President Obama’s mission of uniting the country (…) he now says he’s disappointed in the state of race relations in America.

Jones says Obama has failed in bringing the country together:

“All the speeches and all the tears did not bring us together. We now enter 2017 as the divided states of America. Divided by region and divided by race. The big question: Can Donald Trump succeed where Obama failed?”

Jones (…) concluded that it’s not the job of government to solve race problems, and the task should be left to individuals to sort out.

If you didn’t see Van Jones’ name on that article, would you have believed he was the author?

He doesn’t sound that much different from any number of “right wing” commentators!

Obama’s insistence in his “farewell” speech (he’s not really going anywhere…) that America was more united on race than ever before is simply laughable. Congratulations to Van Jones for having the courage to point this out from the other side of the aisle.

But: Is Van Jones sincere or is he being an opportunist, keen to be on the good side of whoever happens to be in power? Regardless of his true intentions, his words remain a powerful rebuke of his one time boss and presumed hero.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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