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Obama Caught Doing Something SICK Today – Millions of Americans In Shock!

It is a shame Obama is such a traitor, It is a shame he wasn’t for the America we all grew up with. He has made a mess of my America.

After Trump’s temporary travel ban was blocked yesterday by a liberal judge in Hawaii, it became clear who was really behind it.

News 2 in Hawaii reported that Obama played golf on Tuesday, then took a 40 minute drive to eat at Noi Thai Restaurant on the other side of the island. Obama reportedly ate with “friends” in a private room.

But check this out: Judge Derrick Watson, Obama’s Harvard classmate and the Judge who blocked Trump’s order, lives just 5 minutes from thatrestaurant!

Did Obama meet with Judge Watson and convince him to block Trump’s order?? It is very likely. Derrick Watson is an Obama appointee and they graduated together at Harvard.

H/T Subjectpolitics

JUST THINK ABOUT IT: Obama drives 40 minutes out of his way to eat at a restaurant that happens to be located next to his Harvard Classmate who blocks Trump’s Executive Order the next day. This is fishy at the very least…

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