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Obama Claims He Never Wiretapped a US Citizen, Here’s All the EVIDENCE You Need to See…

President Barack Obama’s spokesperson released a statement today denying that Obama or any White House official had ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen.

This statement was in response to President Donald Trump’s accusations that the Obama administration had surveillance on Trump Tower during the election.

As we noted, the carefully-worded Obama statement has plenty of ‘outs’ in it and doesn’t deny that there was surveillance, just denies that the White House ever ordered surveillance on a U.S. citizen.

Yet the Obama administration and its agencies did in fact conduct surveillance against AP reporters, Fox’s James Rosen and the Senate.

Perhaps the most egregious case was that of James Rosen. He was followed, called a ‘co-conspirator’ and they even spied on his parents.

From Fox News:

The seizure was ordered in addition to a court-approved search warrant for Fox News correspondent James Rosen’s personal emails. In the affidavit seeking that warrant, an FBI agent called Rosen a likely criminal “co-conspirator,” citing a wartime law called the Espionage Act.

Rosen was not charged, but his movements and conversations were tracked. A source close to the leak investigation confirmed to Fox News that the government obtained phone records for several numbers that match Fox News numbers out of the Washington bureau.

Further, the source confirmed to Fox News that one number listed matched the number for Rosen’s parents in Staten Island.

Then, on top of all that, Eric Holder allegedly lied under oath before Congress when asked about the Rosen matter.

“In regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material — this is not something I’ve ever been involved in, heard of, or would think would be wise policy,” Holder said at the time.

Media reports later found that Holder personally approved a search warrant that labeled Rosen a co-conspirator in a national security leaks case.

Holder never suffered any consequences for a clearly deceptive answer.

But the Rosen case shows why the Obama statement doesn’t hold any water.

H/T Youngcons

Obviously they surveilled U.S. citizens, contrary to their claim, whether the White House ‘ordered’ it or not.

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