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Obama Disrespects Military So Donald Trump Does What No One Ever Thought He Would

Throughout his two terms as president, Barack Obama has shown little respect for the United States military. It is no surprise that our men and women in uniform were quick to embrace Donald Trump, who has promised to value their contributions to this nation. On Saturday, the President-elect lifted spirits by attending the annual Army-Navy football game.

According to Daily Mail, Trump flew to Baltimore to attend the 117th game between the military academies West Point and Annapolis. He told his Twitter following he was going to the game, “as a show of support for our Armed Forces.”

In his eight years as president, Obama attended the game only once.

Of course, liberals attempted to ruin Trump’s gesture. When he arrived at the game, he was greeted by protesters chanting, “No Trump, No KKK, No fascist U.S.A.” They were also touting signs that read “Resist” and “Make Fascists Hide Again.”

“We knew we need to not back down from Trump,” one of the leaders of the protest, who only identified as ‘Ro,’ told USA Today. “We want to make it clear that Baltimore is going to be a place where immigrants can find sanctuary if things continue going the way they’re going with the new president.”

“We thought it was important to show there are people who oppose him and don’t want him in our town,” Charles Kerr told the local paper, Baltimore Sun.

Despite the interruption, Trump remained unfazed. He spent the first half of the game in the box of David Urban, a West Point graduate and Republican adviser. For the second half of the game, Trump was in the box of retired Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North, a graduate of Annapolis.

What do you think? Is Trump the type of leader our country needs? Is it time for liberals to start respecting our nation’s future president?

Source: Americannews

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