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Obama Is Finally Exposed By One Of His Own, HERE’S THE PROOF AMERICA NEEDED

Obama has been betrayed. It’s about time someone did to him what he begs the GOP to do to the president. Kucinich has already accused Obama of wiretapping so this is definitely a red flag. The fact that a president would spy on congress members is appalling. Obama being betrayed is good news for Sessions and Trump because now they can start building a case against Obama with the help of the left.

Former Ohio Democrat Rep. Dennis Kucinich has always been something of a maverick.

While clearly part of the left, he was known to break with his fellow Democrats on certain issues, much to their ire. This was especially true in matters of war.

Kucinich is virulently anti-war and did not hide his opposition to foreign interventions such as the one in Libya.

In fact, his own party could count on him to oppose its leadership including President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton when it came to issues such as that.

Obviously, though, Hillary was too busy talking to Russian heads of state at the time, as Vladimir Putin just revealed.

But anyway, given that leaders such as Obama and Clinton seem to operate in a state of constant paranoia, it comes as no surprise that Mr. Kucinich was the target of illegal wiretapping.

When added to foreign leaders who were wiretapped, one begins to wonder who WASN’T the target of such eavesdropping by the Obama administration. We already have a mountain of evidence they tapped Trump, so…

Kucinich’s allegations against the Obama regime appeared in an op-ed for Fox News.

In it he “recalled how a conversation he had held with a high-ranking Libyan official in 2011 about congressional efforts to deescalate the Obama administration’s military ventures in the North African nation had been recorded and eventually revealed to him by a reporter for The Washington Times in 2015.”

And it’s not just Fox News where Kucinich is telling his story. The USA Radio Network also broadcast an interview with the former congressman.

“‘When I heard what happened to President Trump, or what he alleged happened, to me it seemed plausible because it happened to me,’ said Kucinich. ‘And it was at a time when I was challenging a march toward war in Libya.’”

“‘My conversation was intercepted, and that is illegal, it’s a violation of separation of powers,’ he continued. ‘Members of Congress have the right under the Constitution to gather information, and the administration had no right to go after my phone conversation.’”

When it comes to tapping phones, the Obama administration is starting to make the Watergate conspirators look like a bunch of rank amateurs.

Of course, Mr. Obama’s team have technical capabilities and tools that the Watergate gang could have only imagined. And it looks like they put them to good use.

It’s comforting to know that while we thought Mr. Obama was just spending time on the golf course, his team was busy listening to the calls of congressmen and foreign leaders.

And yet, none of this helped him make good decisions, just like any alleged tapping of Mr. Trump availed him little in his effort to elect Hillary. But it may have given Barack and Michelle something fun to listen to in the evenings.

H/T Rightjournalist

Obama has been trying to undermine our president and our government. There is no reason for a former president to ever have any political involvement in his successors’s presidency. President Trump needs to take advantage of this momentum and pursue prison time for the treasonous Obama.

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