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OBAMA IS OVER! He Just Got Caught in MASSIVE Lie About Russian “Spy Base”

It all started when Obama issued an executive order at 12:01 AM on December 29th sanctioning Russian diplomats. But he didn’t stop there…

The Baltimore Sun reported that Obama shut down a Russian “Spy Base” on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Well, we just found out the TRUTH about this “spy base” that Obama shut down! A new video by 1791L just EXPOSED Obama’s sick lies. 

(Scroll down to see the video that EXPOSES Obama)

The “spy base” wasn’t actually a spy base at all. It is simply an extension of the Russian embassy. It’s country retreat that is easily accessible and can be found with a simple search on Google Maps.

That is some spy base! With tennis courts and a Pool! HAHAHA!

It has been in operation since 1972 with NO issues…But now Obama is trying to delegitimize Trump and the election on the way out the door, so he is spreading sick lies. THIS VIDEO EXPOSES THE “RUSSIAN HACK” AS A COMPLETE LIE!

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The headline of The Sun article has since been changed to read “Russian Retreat” instead of “Russian Spy Base”… Even they can’t stand by Obama’s lies!

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Source: Subjectpolitics

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