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Obama Will Help The Democrats

Ever since former President Barack Obama left the office, he’s been trying to convince us that he will stay out of politics. But we knew all along that is not true, he has been making a list of things to help Democrats accomplish. The Democrats have been lost without him and we can see that very well. The liberals need his guidance and they finally got it. Obama officially announced that he will “build a bench” for the Democrats to sit on.

“Because tomorrow’s president is today’s state senator. And he knows that very personally,” DNC Head Tom Perez stated talking about former President Barack Obama. The DNC want Obama’s help for a long time now and so far, they didn’t get anything. But it appears that he will be back in a huge way soon. So, we need to be careful of such behavior and do something to prevent it.

“When you lose 900 state legislative seats, those are people who could have been the next governors and senators and Cabinet positions, and that is something he is very committed to,” Perez added.

As conservatives, we must be informed about the situation. Obama will be revengeful at the conservatives because we have beat him many times before. It is unfortunate that we have to see all the hate aimed at the Trump administration, they are working very hard for Americans and only want to improve this country.

Obama is on the move and that is horrible. He runs a shadow government in full force.

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