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Obama’s Ex-Girlfriend Discloses Shocking SEX LIFE in Bombshell Biography [PHOTOS]

President Obama’s ex-girlfriend has a lot to say about the former president. And much of it is raising eyebrows.

Pulitzer Prize winner David Garrow has just published an enormous political biography on Barack Obama. The 1,461 page book, Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama, took nine years to research and write. The book discloses a great deal about Obama’s sex life and his drug use.

But the most interesting part of the biography may be the extensive interviews with Obama’s former girlfriend, Sheila Miyoshi Jager, who the former president proposed to twice.

Jager, who is half Dutch and half Japanese, is a professor of East Asian studies at Oberlin College in Ohio. Jager and Obama met in the mid-1980’s in Chicago. Obama was very smitten by the young beauty, and they moved in together fairly quickly. The author, Garrow, writes that Jager claims that Obama talked about marriage “all the time”. He writes, “In their evenings at the spacious apartment on South Harper, Barack read literature, not history, while Sheila had more than enough course readings to occupy her time.”

Jager also said that Obama loved sex, and they had it all the time.

“Barack is a very sexual and sensual person,” she told Garrow. “Sex was a big part of our relationship.”

Obama asked Jager to marry him during the winter of 1986. But Jager’s father was a conservative Republican and did not like his daughter’s new boyfriend. Their relationship was strained, and whenever they discussed politics, Obama “ended up getting beat up”. Jager’s father was strongly against the marriage.

Shortly after the breakup, Obama started dating Michelle Robinson, (soon to be Michelle Obama), then a law firm colleague. But while Obama was dating his future wife, he continued having sex with Jager for at least a year.


(Yes, the liberals’ beloved Barack Obama was cheating on Michelle for at least a year. Apparently, he’s not a whole lot different than Bill Clinton.)

Jager admits “I always felt bad about it.”

Garrow said that after finally leaving Jager, Obama decided to marry Michelle, but it was more politically motivated than out of love. “Who more than Michelle Robinson and her family could personify the strong, deep roots of black Chicago?” he writes.

Garrow, did not mean for the biography to be critical of Obama. In fact, he describes himself as a full-blown Sanders socialist. But he is disappointed in who Barack Obama has become.

“Up through 2004, this was someone who lived a very modest, middle-class paycheck-to-paycheck life, and so to see him, as president, with his infatuation with celebrities and all this money and private airplanes – I’ve just really come to feel that who he is now is astonishingly different from who he was up through 2003. To me, this is a much more substantive point than who was his girlfriend in 1987.”

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