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Ocasio-Cortez Claims Global Warming Is Killing Americans, Gov Allowing It

Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed on Wednesday that the United States government is allowing global warming to kill Americans and provided absolutely no evidence whatsoever to validate her claims.

In her political career, only weeks old, Ocasio-Cortez has become known for making completely false statements, lying, and having a hard time understanding basic concepts and principles.

Ocasio-Cortez continued this pattern today when she claimed: “Americans are dying because of a government too coward to save the planet.”

Ocasio-Cortez provided zero evidence to support her claims which come just days after a new study was released that shows that the United States is leading the world in reducing CO2 emissions while other nations that are in the Paris Climate Accord are breaking promises.

The CDC reports that “despite the fact that all heat-related deaths and illnesses are preventable, each year an average of about 658 people succumb to extreme heat.”

That’s every year, and those numbers were compiled from decades of statistics that also show that numbers have been higher in the past. Statistics for past decades are likely to be less accurate and low in count due to reporting standards.

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