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“The Office Of The First Lady” Is No More, Guess What It Is Now?

Donald Trump isn’t allowed to give his children actual government jobs, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be working in the West Wing!

Multiple reports have emerged claiming that when Trump takes office next week one of the many changes he will make is renaming the Office of the First Lady.

That will now become the Office of the First Family, a move that seems to strongly suggest that Ivanka will be taking some sort of role in the White House after she and her family move to Washington DC.

It was first reported last month by CNN that Trump transition aides had begun planning for an Office of the First Family in the East Wing of the White House, in the same place where First Lady Michelle Obama and her staff have worked for the past eight years.

The plan to change the name of the office was reported again by Fox News on Wednesday in a segment examining the possible dual roles Ivanka and the official first lady, Melania Trump, might play in the administration.

Source: Webdaily

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