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OH MY GOD! CNN Caught RIGGING Another Debate? Watch The SICK Thing They Did to Ted Cruz Last Night

CNN hosted a primetime debate between Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Bernie Sanders last night. The topic was Obamacare and viewers seemed to be enjoying it until they noticed something very strange!

We all remember CNN getting EXPOSED by Wikileaks after sending Democratic Primary Debate questions to Hillary Clinton ahead of time. Now they may have just gotten exposed CHEATING again!

A woman in the audience was asking a question directed at Senator Ted Cruz, and viewers noticed that she was holding a printed out email. If you zoom in, the subject line of that email says “Your Question.” 

If you wanted to remember a question, why would you email to yourself with the subject line “Your Question”(Watch the Video Below)

If you were going to print out your question, wouldn’t you just print a text document? Why email it to yourself? Maybe she was asking a question for a family member?

No, this doesn’t PROVE that CNN rigged the debate… But given that they ADMITTED to leaking debate questions to Hillary, I would not be surprised AT ALL!

They fired Donna Brazile for leaking the questions to Hillary, but this was only after Wikileaks published the emails showing her colluding with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

H/T Subjectpolitics

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