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OH MY GOD! Hillary Said She Was “Grocery Shopping” But Look What She Was REALLY Doing

The internet was buzzing yesterday about how Hillary was “Spotted” out near her home “shopping” for Thanksgiving. TURNS OUT, THIS WAS ALL A BIG LIE…

This woman took a picture with Hillary and it was taken and featured in Us Weekly, but people immediately noticed something very strange about this photo. (See Below)


This woman who Hillary “met” and took a picture with, has already met Hillary numerous times and works at a PR firm in New York. (See below)


Even after losing the campaign, nothing about Hillary is real or authentic. She appears to have told this PR professional to meet her at the grocery store so she could have a story about her being “spotted” out shopping.


Brittany Valente’s LinkedIN Profile

Hillary, who says she has not driven a car for 25 years, wanted the world to believe that she was out casually shopping… Well add this to the other lies that have been exposed about her. 

Remember last year when she proclaimed “I am a real person”… She has been trying to convince the world of this, but she should start by just acting like a real person for once.

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Source: Subjectpolitics

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