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OH MY GOD! What Mike Pence Was Just Seen Doing In St. Louis Will Make Trump Cry Tears Of Joy!

You have seriously got to love Vice President Mike Pence. Today he met with Missouri Republican Governor Eric Greitens in front of hundreds of supporters today to clean up and repair headstones at the Jewish cemetery that was desecrated in University City.

Hillary Clinton used the vandalism as an opportunity to attack President Trump.

*** And President Trump and Mike Pence used the vandalism as an opportunity to bring the community together!

God bless Mike Pence. Once you watch this video you will want to cry tears of joy at the fact that we finally have a VP that cares.

Watch this video via Fox 10 Phoenix:

The Vice President then urged Americans to reject hatred, racism, and anti-Semitism in all its forms. It’s a shame that the Democrats can’t get that message.

Vice President was even given a yarmulke by a Jewish man at the cemetery for spending the day helping them out.

This video just makes you feel good, y’all! With all the bad news that the media has been trying to sink Trump with it is finally good to see Mike Pence doing God’s work and making this country great again.

Pence did 1 million times on Facebook. I am serious. The leftist media is trying to tear this country apart.

Mike Pence is bringing it together. God bless him. Amen!

H/T Libertywritersnews

Let’s get this to 1 million shares, patriots!

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