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OH MY GOD! Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer Got Run Over by The Trump Train This Morning!

Hahahaha. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer tried to hold a rally last night to hold a rally last night on the Capitol steps. It was an embarrassment. Seriously. These Democrat rats can’t do anything right.

Their microphone didn’t work at all. Pelosi was caught babbling about the moon. This is too funny!

Here is the video CNN will show you.

This morning, President Trump couldn’t even help himself. The Republican president mocked the two failing leaders of the Democratic party.

*** Watch the video of these two failing big time below!

Here is the video CNN won’t sho you.

Then Trump went and ran these two over with the Trump train.

*** Share this everywhere to help EMBARASS the Democrats!

They are literally just trying to get Trump impeached. They are not trying to help their citizens. The Democrats are not going to have a party if they keep this crap up.

At this rate, they are never going to win another election ever.

Source: Nationalinsiderpolitics

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