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“OH MY GOD! Did Nancy Pelosi Just Have a SEIZURE on Live TV? Watch What Happened to Her Today! “

The elderly Democratic Minority Leader held a Press Conference today and there were TWO troubling moments. The second clip shows Pelosi “freezing up” and struggling to get her words out, and the first shows a confused Pelosi talking about a fake Twitter account.

FIRST: Pelosi was asked about General Michael Flynn quitting and she cited a Tweet from a FAKE Twitter account. This was an OBVIOUS fake Tweet, but the 76 year old Pelosi talked about it for 2 minutes. WATCH:

SECOND: Pelosi then began talking about the importance of “truth” and “consequences” and she had what many are calling a “brain lapse” or possibly an“absence seizure” where she struggled to get her words out. (WATCH BELOW)

In this clip, Pelosi is trying to explain something but she freezes up and can’t get the words out. She then turns around to look for help from hercolleagues, before continuing again. 

Many are saying this looks like an “Absence Seizure” which WebMD says can cause a momentary loss of awareness.

Between this brain “lapse” and the rambling about a fake Tweet for 2 minutes, she does appear to be mentally “Fit” to be a leader in Congress — WATCH for yourself about :08 seconds in then SHARE on Facebook!

And just for old times sake, so we can pay tribute to how crazy this old woman is… Here is a compilation of the nonsense she has said over the years:

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