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OH MY GOD! Sean Hannity Just Gave Trump The Best News Of All Time Moments Ago!

If you didn’t catch it, Donald Trump had an amazing rally in Hersey, Pennsylvania yesterday and the winning is not going to stop any time soon.

According to top pollster Frank Luntz on Sean Hannity, Trump is going to create a permanent Republican majority.

*** Let me repeat that!

Trump will make a permanent Republican majority.

Thank God. The Democrats were wanting to bring this country down. Thank God that all the strong-willed Americans stood them down and voted for Trump.

Here’s the video via Sean Hannity:

This is huge. Let’s take a look at what Frank Luntz said:

Frank Luntz: “I did not think Trump had a good chance. But I thought he was absolutely viable because of what he said and how he said it… If Trump can keep this majority of these new voters who have never voted Republican before and bring back some of those Republicans from the suburbs who voted for Clinton but voted Republican all the way down the line this is a long term majority. He has a chance to change politics as we know it if he can keep both of these two groups together and he has the ability to do it.”

*** Ain’t that the truth! Get ready to share this!

Let’s all come together this Christmas season under Trump. Let’s make America great again! Share this article if you can’t wait to see how well Trump does!

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Thanks for reading, y’all!

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