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OH MY GOD! Trump Just Got the Surprise of a Lifetime in Hershey, Pennsylvania Last Night !

The liberal media has tried everything to downplay Donald Trump’s victory. Even now, liberals dishonestly claim that “no one is showing up to his Thank You Tour .”

Notorious Left wing fake news site posted images from one of his recent events. Ben Jacobs, a reporter for the Guardian, tweeted this photo out claiming it was taken “just an hour” before the event was set to start:

The problem is, this photo was taken MANY hours before the event even started. Trump did not take the stage until close to 8 pm.

This kind of manipulation to undermine Trump’s movement has been running rampant in the liberal media. But even poorly timed photos couldn’t cover for what happened in Hershey, Pennsylvania last night.

“Over 10,000 Trump supporters came out to support Trump and that’s just the amount of people who made it in the building. There were said to be another 8,000 more waiting outside in 15 degree weather! The wind chill even hit -5 degrees!”

Many thought that the blistering cold would destroy attendance numbers, but loyal supporters prevailed.

Keep in mind, these pics are coming from a state that hasn’t voted Republican for 30 YEARS!! No matter what liberals say, this movement is strong and won’t stop until America is great again!

Source: Libertywritersnews

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