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OH MY GOD! Trump Just Stepped off Air Force One & Got The Surprise Of His LIFETIME!

Ever since Trump won, the LIBERAL media has been personally attacking Trump’s family, especially Melania. 

Mainstream outlets like Buzzfeed helped spread LIES about how Melania didn’t look “happy” while Trump was being sworn in as President. Now they are spreading lies about how Melania is “Never” going to move into the White House.

This is all a disgusting attempt to destroy Trump by making it seem like they have a “troubled” marriage. 

THESE ARE ALL LIES…. AND THE VIDEO BELOW PROVES IT! Trump stepped off Air Force One today and got the Surprise of his LIFETIME! (Watch Below)

Trump traveled to Mar-A-Lago for a well deserved weekend break. As he walked down this stairs, Melania unexpectedly APPEARED to reunite with him! 

President Trump couldn’t get down the stairs fast enough and he joyfully embraced Melania and walked her to the car with his arm around her! You can see him light up with excitement because he hasn’t seen her in weeks!


WATCH this then SHARE SHARE SHARE on Facebook so we can fight back against the media LIES! 

The disgusting mainstream media ignores the fact that Melania is staying in New York in order for Barron to finish this year at school. I guess somehow making sacrifices for your children makes you a bad mother?

Melania Trump is an AMAZING woman and desrves more respect from the media. This is her talking about her AMAZING marriage:

Source: Subjectpolitics

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