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OJ Simpson Hit With Awful News Days After Being Paroled

Millions of Americans were furious last Thursday when disgraced NFL star OJ Simpson was granted parole after serving just nine years of a 33 year sentence for robbery and kidnapping. Many people feel that he should be in prison for life for the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman, a crime Simpson was officially acquitted of but was convicted of in the court of public opinion.

Now, just one week after being paroled, Simpson has been hit with some bad news that he likely was not expecting.

USC football coach Clay Helton said that Simpson would not be welcome on campus upon his release in October, even though he once won a Heisman Trophy when he was a running back as a student there.

“Right now with USC, what the administration and the athletic department have said is, no, O.J. will not be a part of our functions,” Helton said when he was asked if Simpson will be attending football practices. “That’s been the statement.”

The bad news has only continued for Simpson, as the Goldman family has been making the rounds in the media to blast him. They were particularly livid at Simpson for boasting that he lived “a conflict-free life” during his parole hearing.

“Conflict-free except for the wife beating of his first wife, Nicole,” said Fred Goldman, Ron’s father. “He’s hardly conflict-free.”

Ron’s sister Kim added, “And you can’t ignore the fact he was held responsible in the civil court for killing Ron and Nicole.”

Though Simpson was ordered to pay more than $20 million to the Goldman family after losing the civil suit, Kim said he has paid “less than one percent” of that.

“He’s never physically paid anything. We’ve taken things from him but he’s never willingly paid a penny,” Fred said.

The Goldmans were asked if they feel Simpson is the same person after spending years behind bars.

“I believe without a doubt he’s the same person. I think he showed it clearly during the parole hearing. His snickering about things. The arrogant looks when they’re reading things. The way he snapped at one of the commissioners on the parole board,” Fred said. “I think he is exactly who he always is.”

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