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OMG! What Bill Maher Did to Navy Seal Widow Will Make You Sick **MAKE THIS GO VIRAL

President Trump recognized the wife of a fallen Navy Seal on Monday during his State of The Union. She cried and looked up to the sky as Congress gave her a standing ovation.

Since then, leftists have mocked her. A former Hillary staffer said she was clapping her hands “like an idiot,” which led to him being fired. But Bill Maher just went on National TV and INSULTED this poor widow even more! While speaking to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Bill Maher said she was acting as a “Prop” for Trump!

What a SICK person! Trump was giving this poor woman peace of mind, and letting her know that her husband didn’t die in vain. This was a moment of humanity that brought everyone together, or so I thought. WATCH this then SHARE on Facebook if you support this poor woman through her time of grieving!

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