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OMG! We Just Learned The Identity of The Man Who Harassed Ivanka Trump and it Will Make You VOMIT!

As we reported earlier, Ivanka Trump was verbally ASSAULTED on a plane this morning by a man who was eventually kicked off the plane.

Soon after being kicked off the plane, it was discovered that this man actually PLANNED to harass Ivanka, as seen in this Tweet from 1 hour before the flight. His account has since been deleted.

We now know the identity of these who were kicked off the plane. They are both left wing RADICALS and you won’t believe some of their INSANE social media posts. (SEE BELOW)

Matthew Lasner and he is a Professor at Hunter College (See below how you can email the College President). His partner, the one who actually harassed Ivanka, is Attorney Dan Goldstein. They are both left wing RADICALS.

In this post on Instagram, you’ll see that Lasner took a picture of a College student wearing a “Reagan/Bush 84” T-shirt and said it made him “Seriously ill” and called it “Hate speech.”

Before Lasner deleted his Twitter account, was able to grab some screen shots showing what kind of nut-job this guy really is. Just four days after Trump’s victory, he was marching in “Not My President” rallies.

He also said Trump would have concentration camps, like Hitler:

I’m sure the media will be parading these guys around like they’re heroes, so we need to spread this like wildfire.

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Source: Subjectpolitics

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