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OMG! Racist Montel Williams Just ATTACKED White Trump Supporters at Florida Rally!

Washed up talk show host Montel Williams just launched a RACIST attack on “Clueless White People” attending President Trump’s florida rally. Williams, who endorsed Hillary Clinton in August, attacked Trump AND his supporters FOR BEING WHITE! Here’s what he said:

Could you IMAGINE a white celebrity Tweeting something like this about Obama and his “black” supporters? But he went even further. He called Trump’s longtime friend, and black pastor, a “token black guy.” 

But right after Montel Tweeted this RACIST attack, a Trump supporter responded by sending him a picture of the dozens of black Trump supporters RIGHT BEHIND TRUMP! (See Photo Below)

Needless to say, Montel Williams is a sick person who has now resorted to attacking an entire group of Patriots because of their skin color. The media has him on WHENEVER he asks so he can bash Trump, but this bigot should never be allowed on again.

The liberal media likes to pretend that only white people can be racist so they won’t show this! We HAVE to SHARE it on Facebook so it goes viral! 

H/T Subjectpolitics

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