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One Liberal Woman Attacked A Coffee Shop For Putting “Back the Blue” Sign

One liberal woman noticed a sign in a local coffee shop that she felt was insulting and it needed to be taken down, so she instantly went on Facebook to write about it. But this African-American woman didn’t get the feedback she expected.

Brandi Nicole Wilson went at The Ground-A-Bout coffee shop in Jackson, Missouri when she noticed a “Back the Blue” sign that she said it made her feel like “walking in it’s a lot like a shouting ‘Black lives don’t matter’ sign.”

So, she decided to write on the coffee shop page to express her concerns about the sign and surely received a lot of controversies. But the company had a perfect reply that put this woman to shame.

Here is what the company wrote, “Our support of law enforcement is IN NO WAY whatsoever stating that ‘black lives don’t matter.’ We support racial diversity as well as cultural diversity and religious diversity. And we believe that supporting our law enforcement AND those issues can be accomplished together without exclusion. We’ll be disappointed to lose your business ma’am, but the sign will remain.”

Their decision to keep the sign up has brought them a lot of support, in only one day they gained nearly 1,000 new Facebook subscribers. and they wrote a post saying, “While this is obviously not a way one hopes to gain exposure for their business, it’s apparent that this has struck a chord with many people. While not getting any further into anything political, we want to thank you. We cannot express our gratitude enough to our peeps!” Clearly, the only thing this liberal woman did is promoting their business rather than ruining it.

“This is an exact response that will cause people like myself not to drink there, obviously I’m a consumer and my money is just as important as yours I wasn’t mean or nasty with my comment but then there are people like you who just don’t get it. I don’t think you will. Thank you ground about for replying respectfully! But there are other coffee shops and I’ll just go there,” she wrote after they decided to keep up the sign.

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