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One Woman Attacked A Polite Restaurant Manager [VIDEO]

Two unnamed women went to eat with their kids and during their lunch, the manager of the restaurant came to them to respectfully ask them something. He noticed them for one specific reason and thought that it would be nice to talk to them about it.

The two mothers were sitting in the center of the restaurant at a big table with few kids. They were shocked when the manager approached them and said something. The mothers had let the kids make a lot of noise and distract the other guest for a long time, so the manager decided to politely ask them to keep their children under control.

But this understandable request wasn’t welcome by one of the mothers who found it to be unacceptable, so she started yelling at the manager while her sister filmed the incident with her phone, and tried to shame him into a free meal.

Then she thought that is was a good idea to upload this video on YouTube and name it “Rude Manager,” like he was the problem and not her. But luckily the people didn’t have the same opinion, they thought that she was trying to shame the polite manager into a free meal.

Just to point out that this mother started using inappropriate language in front of her children and in fact, proved that her little ones are out of control because of her bad behavior.

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