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OUTRAGE: Here’s What Obama Will Do IMMEDIATELY When He Leaves the White House

Barack Obama and family will be taking one final flight on the famous blue and white aircraft used for air transportation of presidents, known as Air Force One.

It is a tradition for an outgoing president to take one final flight on the plane. In 1989, Ronald Reagan used his final flight to travel from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland to the Point Mugu Naval Air Station in California, near the Reagans retirement residence. George Bush used his final flight to travel to with his family to his home state of Texas.

Obama has greatly enjoyed using Air Force One for all kinds of taxpayer-supported trips. Here he is pictured with his daughter Sasha and two of her friends.

In the case of the Obamas, it is not known just where they plan to fly, but one thing for certain is that it is not to return “home.” Upon vacating the White House, the Obamas will immediately move into a rented mansion in Washington D.C.’s Kalorama district.

Mr. Obama has loved flying in Air Force One so much that he saw fit to mention this infatuation in a recent radio address: “I’m going to be honest with you – one of the best parts of being President is having your own plane.” How much is Obama going to miss those flights? Obama stated: “And I’m going to miss it. A lot.”

Obama says he is going to greatly miss having his own plane to fly about the world in.

Despite not using the flight to fly to their next residence, current White House spokesman Josh Earnest confirmed that they would not pass up the opportunity to make use of this presidential perk.

The Obamas very recently returned home from their luxury holiday vacation to Hawaii. Of course, that was not enough to curb their appetite for luxury (on the taxpayers dime, of course). They now will use a free (for them) flight on Air Force One, even if it just means going up, flying around going nowhere in particular, and landing back down at Andrews AFB. Afterwards, taking a limo for the less than two mile drive to their rented D.C. mansion.

Source: Conservativeworlddaily

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