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Pastor Asks Trump to Send the National Guard Into Chicago to ‘Give Us a Breather so We Can Figure This Out’

Following a bloody weekend in Chicago, where over 70 people were shot, the city’s population is desperate to find a way to stop the carnage.

While speaking with Fox News host Harris Faulkner, the Rev. Gregory Livingston asked for President Donald Trump to send in the National Guard so that the city is able to figure out a long-term solution.

He is also willing to have a meeting with Trump.

“If I’m drowning in the ocean and somebody throws me a lifesaver, I don’t look to see who is on the other end of the rope,” Livingston said. “I just grab the lifesaver.”

Watch the video below:

Fed up with the carnage under his watch, Fox News reported on how there has been an increase in calls for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign, such as from musician and Chicago native Chance the Rapper.

“The call of the people is ‘Resign Rahm,’” Livingston recently said at a protest. “So how, then, can you back your own regime change? How do you sanction your own termination? How dumb, naive and self-hating do you think we are?”

Other Democrats in Chicago are calling for Trump to help find a solution to the gun violence plaguing the city.

“As a Democrat, I come [to Fox] today calling on the president,” a protester told Fox News. “He said he wanted to help people in Chicago, and I accept that help. That is number one. We have to receive the help from the president of the United States.”

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