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Pat Boone BURIES John Lewis By Exposing All The Democrats’ Dirty Secrets!

The media went crazy, after Georgia Democrat and civil rights defender, Rep. John Lewis called Trump an “illegitimate.” This came after it was noted that the Russians may have been entangled in the rigging of the 2016 elections.

These statements have surprised numerous fellow politicians and caused them to go out on a strike during the inauguration on January 20.

Still, there is one of these individuals that finds these accusations false and incomplete, and states that ex-president Barack Obama did not comply with making political decisions as straightforward as he supposed to.

Singer and songwriter Pat Boone actually stood on Lewis’ side when it came to making the correct decisions and analyzed why he needs to further explain Lewis’ actions.

Boone actually assisted with the placement of African-American music in the scene and wrote songs speaking of racial justice and supporting desegregation. During this period, this topic was still taboo.

When the issue with the Russians came up and became a huge problem in the States, Boone asked, “What did Donald Trump have to do with that? Answer: nothing.”

Boone stated that trump has been falsely accused of something he didn’t even do and that Obama may have done much worse during his two mandates. These actions also include the fact that Obama did not manage to cyber-protect his country and left room for the Russians to potentially intrude the system.

Then he spoke of Hillary Clinton, and said that while she served in Obama’s administration she used her own unprotected server that led to an even bigger scandal.

Again speaking of the Russians infiltrating the elections, Boone pointed out that Obama had used U.S. taxpayer funds to help fight against the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during their elections.

Boone didn’t fail to mention Obama’s involvement in the Brexit case, and even traveled there to persuade the Brits to remain in the EU.

Boone asked, “What gives an American president the right to intervene so directly and overtly in another sovereign nation’s election? Is it wrong for Russia but acceptable for our president to do it?”

Additionally, Boone attacked Obama fro composing the 33 new regulatory agencies, that do not respond to the Constitution nor to Congress.

“What makes for ‘legitimacy,’ Mr. Lewis?” asked Boone. “Words and expressed intentions before assuming the presidency, or actual deeds and misdeeds and betraying the promise to ‘uphold the Constitution’ during eight years as president?”

Lewis will have to get back on that, but we certainly believe that everything Boone said was on point.

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Source: Worldpoliticus

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