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Pat Sajak Came Out Of Nowhere And DESTROYED Every Trump-Hating Liberal Crybaby

Pat Sajak, formerly best known as the host of the game show Wheel of Fortune, may be making a new name for himself with his career as a Twitter comedic political commentator.

The actor has been doing a brilliant job of pointing out the idiocy of much of the left’s platform.

When I read his tweets I can’t help but think “this guy gets it, finally somebody who’s using social media for what it was intended; laughter and just a little bit of finger pointing.”

I could say more, but I think Pat is really doing a better job, so I’ll just drop a few more of these for your viewing pleasure.

H/T Yesimright

Why yes, Pat I believe there is.

On the Inauguration:

On the liberal awards shows:

On fake news:

I think I’m going to have to buy a vowel because I need to say a big THANK U!

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