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Pediatrician Talks Against ‘Transgender Affirmation’ In Children

A well-known pediatrician is talking about the effort that our society is making to “normalize” a “transgender identity” ideology that will eventually bring damage to the children of our country.

Dr. Michelle Cretella the president of the American College of Pediatricians, commented in The Daily Signal that the transgender ideology turning into a medical doctrine that is undisputable between medical experts, so they won’t find themselves “maligned and out of a job.”

Cretella has 17 years career as a certified doctor who centers its attention on behavioral health of children.

“I have witnessed an upending of the medical consensus on the nature of gender identity. What doctors once treated as a mental illness, the medical community now largely affirms and even promotes as normal,” she stated emphasizing the changes that have happened lately:


Pediatric “gender clinics” are institutions for supporting children who are not comfortable with their biological sex. Previously this condition was considered as gender identity disorder, but since 2013 is called “gender dysphoria”.

“Even the American Psychological Association’s Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology admits that prior to the widespread promotion of transition affirmation, 75 to 95 percent of pre-pubertal children who were distressed by their biological sex eventually outgrew that distress,” Dr. Cretella says. “The vast majority came to accept their biological sex by late adolescence after passing naturally through puberty.”

“But with transition affirmation now increasing in Western society, the number of children claiming distress over their gender—and their persistence over time—has dramatically increased. For example, the Gender Identity Development Service in the United Kingdom alone has seen a 2,000 percent increase in referrals since 2009.”

“So-called “puberty blockers” are not proven safe.

Puberty blockers have been studied and found safe for the treatment of a medical disorder in children called precocious puberty (caused by the abnormal and unhealthy early secretion of a child’s pubertal hormones).

However, as a groundbreaking paper in The New Atlantis points out, we cannot infer from these studies whether or not these blockers are safe in physiologically normal children with gender dysphoria.

The authors note that there is some evidence for decreased bone mineralization, meaning an increased risk of bone fractures as young adults, potential increased risk of obesity and testicular cancer in boys, and an unknown impact upon psychological and cognitive development.

With regard to the latter, while we currently don’t have any extensive, long-term studies of children placed on blockers for gender dysphoria, studies conducted on adults from the past decade give cause for concern.”

Dr. Cretella also claims that even though people believe that gender identity “affirmation” prevents child suicides that knowledge is not backed by any proof.

Advocates of the transition-affirming protocol allege that suicide is the direct and inevitable consequence of withholding social affirmation and biological alterations from a gender-dysphoric child. In other words, those who do not endorse the transition-affirming protocol are essentially condemning gender-dysphoric children to suicide.”

“Yet as noted earlier, prior to the widespread promotion of transition affirmation, 75 to 95 percent of gender-dysphoric youth ended up happy with their biological sex after simply passing through puberty”.

Dr. Cretella concludes that a “transition-affirming protocol” equal to child abuse.

 These harms constitute nothing less than institutionalized child abuse. Sound ethics demand an immediate end to the use of pubertal suppression, cross-sex hormones, and sex reassignment surgeries in children and adolescents, as well as an end to promoting gender ideology via school curricula and legislative policies.

It is time for our nation’s leaders and the silent majority of health professionals to learn exactly what is happening to our children, and unite to take action.”

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