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Pelosi Has BIZARRE Episode During Live Speech [WATCH]

Many have been calling for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to step down in recent weeks after a series of bizarre appearances have called her mental state into question. Though Pelosi claims that she is fine, she fueled rumors that she is mentally ill once again on Thursday during a press conference that took a very strange turn.

Pelosi lost it when a reporter asked her a question about the Democrats’ strategy in Republican states for the upcoming 2018 election cycle.

“You want to talk politics?” Pelosi asked. “Right here under the dome of the Capitol of the United States, you want to talk politics? Well, we can do that for a small percentage of the meeting, so I’m happy to do that.”

She proceeded to talk about the Democrats’ strategy to take back the House in 2006 and how they had to start strategizing right after they lost the 2004 election by developing a positive message and listening to constituents. She then discussed the upcoming election next year and how the party needs to make sure that candidates are representatives of their districts.

“Candidates will be representatives. That’s their job title and that’s their job description, so they should be a match to the district, especially if they are going to represent and win the district. This is something from the right to the left has approval in our caucus,” Pelosi said.

However, her bizarre behavior in this press conference is simply adding fuel to the fire that she has lost it!

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