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Pelosi Refused to Acknowledge DACA Deal ― Trump Claims She Has ‘Officially Become a Radical Democrat’

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to explain why he thinks Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has “officially become a radical Democrat.”

The president has spent the majority of the last month working on coming up with a deal that would reopen the partially shut down United States government while funding a physical barrier for the southern border.

On Saturday, President Trump revealed his plan to negotiate with Democrats by granting a three-year protection period from deportation for those with status under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) order signed by former President Barack Obama. In return, Republicans would get $5.7 for the border wall.

Despite his attempt to negotiate with Democrats, Speaker Pelosi shot down the deal quickly, calling it a “non-starter” because it only offered a three-year protection period for DACA recipients instead of permanent protections.

The president was not impressed with Pelosi’s quick denial of the deal. He claimed that Pelosi had made up her mind before she even heard the details.

The president claimed that her attempt to appease the far-left wing of her party has left her acting “irrationally.” He pointed to her theatrics around the State of the Union address and asserted that he would deliver the address regardless of her calls for it to be delayed — even if that means he delivers a written letter.

The president wrote that he isn’t interested in talking about amnesty or permanent protection for DACA recipients unless it is part of a larger immigration reform package. President Trump even warned Pelosi that her inaction could force the president to take action against illegal immigration by upping deportations.

Beyond negotiating with Democrats, the president also noted that he has already built sections of the wall without Congressional funding and he could continue to do so.

Despite his messages on Twitter, Pelosi doesn’t seem willing to bend. She took to Twitter herself to remind the president of the hardships of the furloughed workers.

Although Trump’s offer was an attempt to settle the shutdown with Democrats, it looks as though it fell on deaf ears. Both Democrats and Republicans have bills ready to be voted on in the week ahead, but it isn’t clear if any of the bills have the bipartisan support needed to reopen the government.

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