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People Noticing Something ODD About the Obamas’ Christmas Card – Scroll Down…

The Obama’s holiday card, seen below, is quite lazy this year! The only thing festive about it is the border gold border with some holy over the top. The photo the ever-elitist Obama’s chose does not reflect the holiday season, and it seems obvious they just slapped a photo in there and called it a day.

The Obama women are wearing warm-weather dresses and the city skyline in the background is hardly indicative of a warm holiday sentiment.

There is no mention of Christmas either, which might change when Donald Trump gets into office. It’s possible next year’s Christmas card under a Trump administration will be much classier and well-thought out, and may even say ‘Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays”….only time will tell. But Barack Obama has proved, yet again, that he isn’t exactly thrilled to express Christian ideals.

The worst part is this photo was taken last March at an event given by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is known for being a leftist leader who fawned over Fidel Castro after his recent death.

The photo the Obama’s chose looks like they’re at a summer cocktail party – they couldn’t even be bothered to pose by a tree!? Throw us a bone, guys.

The Obama administration is on it’s way out, thank goodness!



Source: Conservativeworlddaily

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