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PHOTO EVIDENCE: John McCain Officially Joins The Dem Party – Is He a Traitor?

Millions of Americans have been suffering high deductibles and premiums under Obamacare for years. They were counting on Senate Republicans to do the right thing and vote a repeal through, but we have been BETRAYED!

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), long ago made himself an enemy of the American people. Now he’s officially joined the Democrats and Progressives. Traitor John McCain just stabbed millions of American voters in the back. He gave the decisive “no” vote that keeps Obamacare in place, reported The Daily Caller. Afterward, the smiling McCain went and celebrated with the Democrats on the Senate floor–all caught on camera!

For years, we’ve been fighting for the moment when a Republican House, Senate, and Presidency could finally eliminate the monstrosity that is Obamacare. It seemed like we were finally about to get it.

McCain, 80, is insufferable. Old age has caught up with him. He couldn’t even come up with a good excuse for letting the American people down. He cited “bipartisanship” as his reason for voting “no” on the “skinny” repeal bill.

While the skinny repeal bill wasn’t as comprehensive as the initial Obamacare repeal bill–which McCain also voted against, it still removed some of the most burdensome measures of Obama’s signature policy.

For instance, it would have gotten rid of the individual mandate, with its disastrous and immoral penalty. It would also have eliminated the employer mandate for eight years and given states greater flexibility, CNN reported.

It’s what conservatives across the country want. It’s what Republican lawmakers promised on the campaign trail–but McCain was never actually a conservative. Remember, he loves calling himself a “maverick.”

The word “maverick” seems to be code for “opportunist.” McCain plays both sides of the aisle. He’s not in it for the American people. He’s in it for himself. If John McCain is such a fan of bipartisanship, why does he favor a program that was passed without a single Republican vote?

If McCain really wanted bipartisanship, the sensible move would be to repeal Obamacare (which is anything but a bipartisan law) and then work across the aisle in coming up with a replacement. We all know what’s going on: John McCain is bought and paid for by the same globalist interests as the Democrats.

Traitor McCain threw the election to Obama in 2008. By doing that, he allowed the creation of Obamacare. Now, he’s preserved his baby. All the years of complaining about the ACA was a sham; a lie. McCain’s vote to repeal while Obama was still in office was nothing but a ruse.

McCain never wanted to get rid of it. He’s the biggest enemy Americans have in the Senate, and he’s the perfect example of why we need term limits. One has to wonder if he were forced to receive his cancer treatment through Obamacare, would he have voted for a repeal then?

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