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PHOTOS: President Trump and Ivanka Get Boost From Army of Females on Social

President Trump and his daughter Ivanka are getting some much welcomed positive press thanks to a social media craze that has slowly been growing over the past few months.

A number of women have begun posting images online which show them modelling clothing from Ivanka’s eponymous fashion label or Trump-branded wears while voicing their support for the commander-in-chief.

It is a diverse array of clothes, and the most popular choice by far this summer is a one-piece women’s swimsuit in metallic blue that reads: ‘Make America Great Again.’

There is even a fan-run Instagram page that gathers all the images featuring ladies in Trump-branded swimwear these days, along with those who are scantily clad while also wearing his trademark hat, Babes For Trump.

These posts have no official hashtag yet, with the women using a variety of words and phrases, including ‘#womenfortrump,’ ‘#ivankatrump,’ and ‘#hillaryforprison’ to name a few.

This surge in popularity for Trump brand clothing comes a little over nine months after women across the country began a boycott of Ivanka’s fashions with the #GrabYourWallet campaign.

Select retail shops and national department stores also began to drop Ivanka’s line around that time, and in some cases were very publicly attacked by Trump supporters.

Nordstrom was forced to weather the worst of the storms after the passed on picking up Ivanka’s latest collection, with President Trump going after the retailer on Twitter.

The presidents of Nordstrom sent an email criticizing President Donald Trump’s ban on immigrants from seven nations entering the United States just days before the retail giant announced they had dropped Ivanka’s clothing line.

In the note, brothers Peter, Erik, and Blake Nordstrom told employees of the company that they would do all they could to help those who might be impacted by the ban while celebrating the many things the immigrant community have contributed to the retailer over the years.

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