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“Plea Deal” May Be DOJ’s “Get Out of Jail Free” Card to Hillary

As the story around the DOJ’s offer of a plea bargain to Hillary Clinton develops, Americans are left with various feelings on the matter, and many are wondering just what exactly it means for the former First Lady.

Some are angry at the notion of a plea offering, especially after the realization that Clinton will likely avoid prison time, which is understandable given the “Lock Her Up” chants, as well as her brazen criminal behavior.

In truth, it IS extremely unlikely that Hillary will ever spend time behind bars: she is too connected, too famous, and the scandal it would generate would actually damage the country as a whole, but there is more to be gained by a plea bargain that people realize…

By accepting a plea deal, should Clinton choose to go that route, she would have to admit guilt in a criminal manner- this would be a permanent and tangible mark on her reputation that would follow her forever, as well as a stain on the “Clinton brand” that would be beneficial long after she is gone.

Basically, a severe hit to the Clinton “brand” would effectively keep Chelsea Clinton out of the political game for years, if not forever; this move is far better in the long run, as Chelsea is obviously being groomed for a career in politics, which would be disastrous for the country.

Let’s be honest: Hillary Clinton will never see the inside of a jail cell, it just isn’t going to happen, but allowing Hillary to avoid prison, if it means both she and Chelsea would be effectively neutralized in the political world is a tradeoff that far outweighs incarceration.

Is putting Hillary Clinton in prison for a few months worth running the risk of “President Chelsea Clinton” in the future?

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