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POLL: Donald Trump Picks Up Support From Latinos. A LOT of Support.

Leftist mantra has been a border wall with Mexico is racism. Even though Mexico is a nation, not a race. But since, generally speaking, the people of Mexico have skin a darker white than the current majority of Americans, a border wall is racist. Not to be a ball-buster or anything, but a new poll from NPR/PBS, so hardly a bastion of conservative thought, shows Donald Trump actually picked up Latino support during our government shutdown. Over a border wall.

First, the approval by race in early December:

Which was 31 percent. Then the poll just released:

Now up to 50 percent approve.

That’s quite a jump. Also notice the other two demographics, white and African American, saw a dip in support. Which is curious.
The polling from the above two graphs is from national adults, NOT likely voters. Okay? Okay. But the conventional wisdom would have Trump losing support among the Latino demographic since that same conventional wisdom dictates a wall is racist.

Survey says: not so much. For more on the wall: Jim Acosta Tries Proving the Wall is Unnecessary. Does the Complete Opposite!

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