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Portland ‘Occupy ICE’ Leader ARRESTED After Violating Order Preventing Him From Having Contact With Minors

One of the lead “occupiers” of ‘Occupy ICE” in Porland was arrested Wednesday night after authorities say he violated a condition of his probation, preventing him from having any contact with minors.

Micah Rhodes was “ordered to stay away from anyone under 18” after being convicted of criminal sexual abuse this year for incidents that occurred in 2014 and 2015, Oregon Live reports.

Rhodes was put on probation this year after being convicted on “three counts of second-degree sexual abuse for having illicit sexual contact with a 17-year-old girl in Washington County and a 17-year-old boy in Multnomah County. The sexual abuse occurred in 2014 and 2015, and Rhodes was 20 and 21 years old at the time.”

The Occupy ICE PDX camp had a number of minor children living in it, Oregon Live says, based on reports from other bloggers and reporters who visited the camp. Authorities have not released details of Rhodes’s alleged contact with minors but the cramped quarters of the camp likely made it impossible for Rhodes to abide by the conditions of his probation, which mandate a certain distance from all minor children.

It is not clear, either, whether Rhodes lived full time at the camp. He does run a group called “Portland’s Resistance,” which was involved in the Occupy ICE protests in Portland and which seems to have visited the camp regularly. A blogger named Robert West allegedly filmed Rhodes at a protest outside Portland’s ICE headquarters back in June before the Occupy ICE PDX camp broke ground.

Rhodes will appear in front of a judge next week. He could face up to two and a half years in prison.

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