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Portland Police Chief Asks: Why isn’t Antifa EVER Held Accountable?

We’ve seen this story before. Under a hundred Trump supporters (only under thirty white supremacists) show up to demonstrate. Thousands and thousands of ANTIFA show up to attack them, the cops, and the press (see Antifa Goons Lead Anti-Cop Chants, Attack Cameraman at Charlottesville Rally and Antifa Makes On-Camera Death Threats Against Donald Trump). Yet ANTIFA gets treated as the sympathetic figure. Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw wants to know why.

Side note, Police Chief Outlaw? Best. Name. Ever!

Where’s the accountability for the people who come with the intent to harm, destroy, tear things up, and to actually come and physically fight other people? And then we are called to break it up and say “we don’t want anything to happen. And if one side gets the shorter end of the stick for whatever reason, then [the police] are accused of not protecting one side or another.

Right. Because what happens is this:

But it gets reported as this:

Get me all thirty of the white supremacist’s phone numbers, and I’d be happy to call and tell them they suck. What I don’t get is why the left poops themselves when James Acosta is made fun of by a MAGA sexual. Then when reporters are LITERALLY ATTACKED, are then sympathetic to the attackers. When I say “what I don’t get,” what I mean is I totally get it.

Reason number eleventy-five why people don’t trust the press. For the media, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” has reached Stockholm syndrome levels.

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