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President Donald Trump Surveillance Confirmed that Obama wiretapped Trump

Should be prosecuted. Thought his Russia crap before he left was a ruse. Total crap. He and Killary sold us to Russia before President Trump even took office.

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes told Sean Hannity last night that the NSA has handed over “concerning” documents that he plans to present on Friday. Many are referring to these documents as the “Smoking Gun” because they DEFINITIVELY PROVE that Obama wiretapped Trump, and then spread the information before he left office!

Chairman Nunes said the FBI is refusing to cooperate with his investigation, so he went to the NSA and obtained these documents himself. The documents reportedly show that Trump was spied on as a result of a FISA order, which PROVES that Obama KNEW ABOUT IT!

We have to spread this everywhere! This is the SMOKING GUN! Watch this and then SHARE it on Facebook so we can make it go viral!

Trump must investigate Obama and Comey IMMEDIATELY! This proves once and for all that Obama was deliberately trying to overthrow the Government! According to federal law, this is a crime punishable by up to 20 YEARS IN PRISON!

He is NOT above the law. His list of crimes grows everyday. Lock him up!

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