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President Trump Boasts That He Went ‘5 For 5’ – And He’s RIGHT

Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump boasted, cryptically, on Twitter that he was “5 for 5.”

But while mainstream media struggled to figure out precisely what the president meant, results from five Republican primaries rolled in, and Trump endorsed the winner in all five primaries — something that sets him far apart from previous presidents, including President Barack Obama, who notoriously failed to pick winners during much of his tenure.

Trump racked up a win in Ohio: Trump-backed Republican Troy Balderson eked out a “razor-thin” win in an Ohio special election, defeating Democrat Danny O’Connor. Democrats tried to play off the loss as a “win” (because of the narrow margin) even though, before the vote, Democrats touted O’Connor as the first splash in what they believe will be a “blue wave” in November.

And one in Kansas: Trump-endorsed Kansas gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach also found himself narrowly edging out his opponent, a fellow Republican running against the Trump agenda. Trump tweeted support for Kobach on Monday, calling Kobach a “fantastic guy.”

Trump’s Ohio and Kansas candidates are in mandated recounts, but both are expected to maintain their victories.

The president’s victory tour rolled on to Missouri: Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley hosted Trump for a campaign rally last November and touted the president’s support throughout his campaign. He sailed to an easy win Tuesday and will face embattled Sen. Claire McCaskill in November — a Senate seat that Republicans believe he can pick up.

And Trump racked up two wins in Michigan: Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette won his primary, and John James, whom the president called “a future STAR of the Republican party,” won the state’s GOP contest to challenge Michigan’s longtime Democratic Senator, Debbie Stabenow.

That makes Trump officially ‘5 for 5’ as advertised. He rounded out his victory lap with more positive stats.

A “red wave” may be somewhat ambitious, but it’s clear the Democratic “blue wave” is currently just a trickle.

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