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‘President Trump Is the Ultimate Deal Maker’: DACA Recipient Praises Trump’s Wall Funding Proposal

Hilario Yanez couldn’t be more excited about President Donald Trump’s new proposal to secure the border.

Yanez is a recipient of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). He was brought to the United States illegally when he was only one year old. Although he could have been deported, DACA deferred any action taken by Americans.

President Trump’s new proposal to secure wall funding could keep Yanez in the United State for three more years or longer, depending on the deal negotiated between the White House and Democrats.

Despite Trump’s good faith offer to Democrats for three years of protection for DACA recipients, Pelosi announced that she won’t support a deal with short-term protections for DACA recipients.

Yanez explained that he believes that Pelosi will come around to negotiate with President Trump because he is the “ultimate deal maker.”


“I want to begin by thanking the Republican leadership for being fearless, bold, and courageous for embracing the DACA community. So thank you so much. I think at the end of the day, could the president have asked for a permanent solution? Absolutely. It’s in his heart, but he’s giving Speaker Pelosi an opportunity and also inviting her to come back and bring a counteroffer. I think once we hear that counteroffer with a permanent solution, then I think both parties will come to an agreement and we’re going to find a great deal for the American people.”

Yanez explained that he believes President Trump set the deal up so that Pelosi could feel like she had a win, even though it was part of the president’s long term plan.

“President Trump is the ultimate deal maker,” Yanez said. “At the end of the day, he wants to bring safety, he wants to bring certainty to the Dreamers and I think we’re just waiting for that counteroffer. I feel really optimistic that Pelosi’s going to bring that to the table.”

Yanez also noted that support for President Trump is growing in Latino communities and a permanent solution for DACA recipients could boost those numbers. As IJR previously reported, President Trump’s polling numbers have been climbing with the Latino community since the shutdown began.

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