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President Trump Makes a Last-Minute Stop at Joint Base Andrews to Honor Fallen Secret Serviceman

President Donald Trump took time out of his schedule Wednesday to honor Secret Service special agent Nole Remagen.

Remagen died after suffering a stroke while serving the president in Scotland. He served in the agency for 19 years.

The president did not announce the visit until they were already en route to the base.

The Secret Service released a brief statement:

In a statement, the president said Remagen was “among the elite heroes” for which the president was “forever in debt”:

Earlier this week, United States Secret Service Special Agent Nole Edward Remagen suffered a stroke while on duty in Scotland. Yesterday, he passed away, surrounded by family and fellow Secret Service agents. Our hearts are filled with sadness over the loss of a beloved and devoted Special Agent, husband, and father. Our prayers are with Special Agent Remagen’s loved ones, including his wife and two young children. We grieve with them and with his Secret Service colleagues, who have lost a friend and a brother.

A five-year veteran of the United States Marines, Special Agent Remagen spent 19 years with the Secret Service. At the time of his passing, he was among the elite heroes who serve in the Presidential Protection Division of the Secret Service. Melania and I are deeply grateful for his lifetime of devotion, and today, we pause to honor his life and 24 years of service to our Nation.

The incredible men and women of the United States Secret Service travel wherever they are needed around the world, spend long periods of time away from their families, and make tremendous sacrifices for our safety and security. They make up the most elite protective agency in the world, universally admired for their extraordinary skill, devotion, and courage. We are forever in their debt.

Other members of the Trump administration also sent their condolences to the Remagen family:

Trump has shown that he holds the men and women of the Secret Service in high regard. Last Christmas, the president bought hundreds of meals for the team providing security for his family during the holidays:

Remagen was only 42 years old. Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino set up a GoFundMe page to assist his family:

The page has already raised more than $99,000 for the family.

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