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President Trump Had A “Secret” Meeting With Fox News Host In Which He Found Out Who Is The Leaker

This week, one of Fox News’s most sexy hosts was in a ‘secret’ dinner meeting President Trump, and during this meeting, she disclosed some information whit him that the president wanted to know for a long time now, the identity of the White House leaker.

The new Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci publicly said that accused Chief of Staff Reince Priebus was the one leaking information. Scaramucci attacked Priebus by saying that he is Priebus “a f—king paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac” and a “cock-block.” Even though Scaramucci used vulgar words in describing him, he had the right to do so, seeing how Priebus was the one leaking the confidential information with the press.

Wednesday, President Trump and Melania welcomed Fox News host Sean Hannity, former Fox News Executive Bill Shine, and Scaramucci at the White House for an intimate dinner. Hours later, this private dinner leaked to the media, despite the fact that only a few people knew about this dinner.

During this dinner, Kimberly Guilfoyle was also a guest, but this wasn’t exposed until the next day. She told the president that Priebus was the person leaking information to the press. On Thursday night, Guilfoyle admitted to her co-hosts on The Five that she was too present at this dinner. She didn’t speak much about the dinner just said that Trump was in a “very, very good mood” and was “enthused” about his agenda moving forward.

Kimberly didn’t say anything about Priebus publicly, but she stated that “something needs to be done” talking about the several White House incidents. In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Scaramucci said, “If Reince wants to explain that he’s not a leaker, let him do that.”

Scaramucci made that remark after he posted on Twitter that he is planning to get in contact with FBI about the leaks and at the end of the tweet he wrote this “@Reince45.”

Scaramucci is planning to make a list of evidence of Priebus’s leaks along with a list of the suspected news networks that he has been leaking to, and he is planning to present this list to President Trump on Friday.

It seems that Priebus won’t be a part of the White House much longer, as evidence are gathering every day now. The fact that he is very close to the president shows that he could really be the leaker since some information were available to on a few people.

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