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President Trump Is Starting His Own ‘Real News’ Program

We are all aware that President Trump is doing its best to combat the fake news and the mainstream media who are attempting to put an end of his Presidency. The media are continuously trying to publish a fake news just to make a chaos into the White House. Now, President Trump is determined to fight back and stop this tendency by announcing ‘real news’.

The President, on his official Facebook page, launched a spanking-new segment called “real news” hosted by his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, Eric Trump’s wife.

On the first episode was an introduction of the “real news” segment with the focus on Trump’s administration ‘wins’ from the previous week. As it seems many more episodes will come.

Referring to President Trump, Lara Trump stated: “This is a President who is putting America before himself” and continued with the Trump’s ‘win’ concerning the unemployment rate, which as she stated is the lowest in 16 years, as well as 800,000 new jobs to the employment market.

At the end, Lara finished the episode by saying, “Thanks for joining us everybody, and that is the real news.” 

This is the video from the first official “real news” episode:

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