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Professor calls unborn babies ‘legitimate parasite,’ compares them to cancer

A professor at the University of California San Diego’s School of Medicine drew outrage on social media after reportedly comparing unborn human babies to parasites, cancers, and more.

According to Campus Reform, a photo of one of the professor’s slides made its way onto Twitter, where it sparked anger in many social media users.

The slide, photographed by user Dylan Griswold, explained “parallels between fetuses and cancers.”

The slide stated that fetuses are similar to cancers in that the fetus — a “legitimate parasite” — “rapidly grows, invades, manipulates [the] immunity of [the] mother” and “reshapes blood vessels.”

Cancer, the slide said, “crashes the party” and is also responsible for the aforementioned effects.

Griswold, a Stanford medical student, captioned the tweet, “No joke, a friend just sent me this slide from her upper-level biology course. I’m speechless. Create your own caption.”

Campus Reform was able to obtain the full presentation, which was reportedly titled, “Evolution of Human Disease.”

Griswold told the outlet that it’s important to place priority on mothers and unborn children, protecting the rights of both.

“In a country where abortion on demand/till birth is becoming the norm, it becomes increasingly important to recognize both the dignity of both the mother and her unborn child,” Griswold said. “This slide, while intended to show similar mechanisms of invasive processes, both implicitly and explicitly pathologizes pregnancy.”

“It is no wonder why Planned Parenthood performs over 300,000 abortions each year — we treat pregnancy as a disease to be avoided at any cost — often at the highest expense: the life of an unborn child,” Griswold added.

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