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A Prophecy By Hermit Of Loreto Made In 1980’s Was Just Fulfilled By Melania Trump

A part of little-known prophecy by one Christian holy man from back in the 1980’s was just fulfilled by our first Lady Melania Trump.

Almost seventeen years ago, Father Giacomo Capoverdi told a story about his experience when one American doctor told him to visit the “House of Loreto.” This house is where Virgin May had a visit from Archangel Gabriel and received the message that she is with a child.

“Father Giacomo Capoverdi shares a fascinating story of his encounter with the Hermit of Loreto (the author of the Pieta Prayer Book), at the site of the Holy House of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Exterior and interior shown in this article’s photo). In this video, Father Capoverdi shares an amazing premonition this Hermit of Loreto had all the way back in the 1980s about Donald J. Trump,” reports Father Heilman.

During his time in Loreto, Capoverdi met with Thomas Zimmer, an American man who decided to leave everything in America and move to Loreto where he dedicated the rest of his life to prayer. He is known as “the Hermit of Loreto.” Zimmer said that he had a “premonition” about a leader in the future who will bring God back to America. He told the doctor that man was Donald Trump, and naturally, the priest’s friend laughed.

Capoverdi’s doctor friend who told him to go there had Trump’s name engraved on a plaque and placed on the Vatican’s Holy Doors, in 2000. Father Capoverdi was shocked when he saw Melania Trump during Trump’s rally leading the nation towards “Our Father.” It’s clear that President Trump and Mealnia are both religious people and there is no doubt they will restore the faith of the American people.

The most interesting part is that Zimmer wasn’t the only one having this “premonition” about Trump. Bruno Cornacchiola an Italian holy man shared his dream in November 1986, he wrote, “I see priests and religious men and women all line up while their captors push them, dragging them one by one to a wooden stage. They had them kneel and asked them to ‘get rid of their robes’ [symbolic for denying your faith]. At their answer ‘No!’ They took their head and put it on a chopping block and there they were beheaded by an executioner who had an axe.”

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