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Proud Illegal Has SICK Message About What She “Deserves.” What is YOUR Response?

We’ve seen plenty of illegals make demands of America and its people, but the gall of this woman is unbelievable.

The amount of entitlement young people have in this day and age is crazy. Illegal immigrants, who flaunt their illegal status in our faces, now think they “deserve” the same rights as citizens. They have broken the law — they should be in jail or sent back to wherever they came from.

A Mexican illegal, Leslie Arreaza, who contributes to The Huffington Post, believes she has the same rights as actual citizens of our country, and she says that being called an illegal offends her. What’s more, the liberals are, of course, agreeing with her, so they can appear to be politically correct.

Liberals claim that by calling people “illegals,” we are dehumanizing them and hurting their feelings. Boo-hoo.

Well, these illegals are hurting the feelings of millions of Americans as they rob, attack, and kill legitimate citizens of the United States of America — and, you know, use taxpayer money to live like kings compared to the Americans living in poverty.

They sneak into our country and expect to be treated like nothing happened. As stated by Arreaza in an article for The Huffington Post:

“To say I am illegal is to deny my humanity and reduce me to a criminal. To say we are illegal is to say our entire existence is defined by the laws of a country which thinks of us as numbers, not people. I am not a criminal ― we are not criminals ― because we are not illegal. It has taken us years to be able to come out of the shadows, but today we are unafraid. We are unapologetic. We are undocumented.”

As well as being lawbreakers, these illegals are obviously mentally deranged if they cannot realize that they ARE, in fact, illegal aliens.

They could have gone through the due process like many of their compatriots and become U.S. citizens the legitimate way rather than illegally sneaking into our country. They have no interest in blending in with American culture — instead they prefer to moan, complain, and leech off the state even though they should be entitled to NOTHING.

Thankfully, with President Trump in office, we are now seeing illegals being deported instead of being given an easy ride. Under the leadership of Obama, these illegals became complacent and cocky, but now they realize that the good times for them are over.

This crackdown on border security and illegals in the country was a long time coming. We hope Leslie Arreaza is put on the next boat out of here!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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